Hawaii – the island of dreams that everyone has been fantasizing about. The glimmering ocean, emerald valleys, and golden sand that glitters under the sun, it is always the perfect destination for a vacation. Instead of playing those exciting and fun water activities, PG SOFT™ is bringing you to explore the other side of the island - The Hawaiian tiki statues!

PG SOFT™ proudly presents the newest game – “Hawaiian Tiki” which brings everyone to this warm and picturesque “Sandwich Islands”. While playing the game, the intricate carvings of the tiki statue will appear randomly. However, if you are able to find the tiki statue, you will be blessed with good luck! The adventure of finding the tiki statue starts now! Hit the spin button and you are all set!

Hawaiian Tiki is a 6-reel (3 rows in reels 1 and 6, 4 rows in reels 2 and 5, 5 rows in reel 3 and 4) video slot featuring expanding Wild symbol. After each winning round, any Wild symbol on reels 3 and 4 will remain on the reels, while a new Wild symbol will be added below the bottommost existing Wild symbol to greatly increase your winning odds! In addition, collecting 3 Scatter symbols will reward you with 12 free spins!

This game platform supports iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Web HTML5.